Here, you can find materials relevant to my published research and research in progress. I provide full links for my working papers when I believe they are ready for peer review. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in some of these projects. My CV contains more information about where some of these projects are in the peer review process.

Academic Publications

Franco, Konrad and Ryken Grattet. Forthcoming. “The Effect of Strain, Personal Affect, and Personal/Social Resources on Substance Abuse Among Incarcerated and Non-Incarcerated Youth.” Deviant Behavior.

Academic Works in Progress

Lower Tail Earnings Inequality and Crime

Psychiatric Deinstitutionalization, Hospital Inpatient Bed Capacity, and Jails

“A Representative Study of Immigration Detention and Solitary Confinement in the USA, 2013-2018” with Caitlin Patler

“Immigration Apprehensions and Arrests, 2014-2018” with Caitlin Patler

Public Policy Publications

“Criminal Justice System Involvement and Mental Illness Among the Unsheltered Homeless in California” with David Panush and David Maxwell-Jolly

“Whole Person Care Pilots Focusing on the Reentry Population: An Overview”

“How Many Incarcerated Individuals Received Psychotropic Medication in California Jails: 2012­-2017” with David Panush and David Maxwell-Jolly

Public Policy Works in Progress

Survey of Coordination between County Behavioral Health and Jails

Did California Realignment Contribute to the the Mental Health Crisis in County Jails?