Public Policy Research Publications (Not Peer-Reviewed)

Reports on the Original Analysis of Data

3. The Prevalence of Mental Illness in California Jails is Rising: An Analysis of Mental Health Cases and Psychotropic Medication Prescriptions, 2009-2019. (2020)
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2. Criminal Justice System Involvement and Mental Illness Among the Unsheltered Homeless in California (2018)
with David Panush and David Maxwell-Jolly

1. How Many Incarcerated Individuals Received Psychotropic Medication in California Jails: 2012-2017 (2018)
with David Panush and David Maxwell-Jolly
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Reports on New Programs, Funding, or Executive/Legislative Policy Changes

6. California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM): Opportunities and Implications for the Reentry & Justice-Involved Population (2020)
with David Panush

5. Shifting the Paradigm for Mental Health Diversion: The Impact and Opportunity of AB 1810 and SB 215 (2019)
with David Panush and Dave Meyers

4. New Funding Opportunities for Reentry and Justice-Involved Individuals: Mental Health, Housing, and Diversion (2018)

3. Adult Reentry Grant: Overview and Recommendations for Implementation (2018)

2. Whole Person Care Pilots Focusing on the Reentry Population: An Overview (2018)

1. Reentry Health Policy Project: Meeting the Serious Health and Behavioral Needs of Prison and Jail Inmates Returning to the Community (2017)
with David Panush, Bruce Wagstaff, David Maxwell-Jolly, Elizabeth Salazar, Sharon Jackson, Diana Recouvreor, and Zach Psick